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Technology and market

Jukka Kukkonen, Shift2Electric I December 10, 2021

Here are 12 EV market trends for 2022 and beyond that I find important or interesting right now. There are a lot of other trends that could be listed here too, but this year I chose to highlight Read more...

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Technology and market

Jukka Kukkonen, Shift2Electric I December 16, 2020

Fresh Energy is working toward a future where Minnesotans are driving electric cars powered by clean, renewable electricity, not oil and gas. This guide is for savvy consumers who are ready to change things and start driving better cars. Read more...


EV buyer stories

Fresh Energy team I September 9, 2019

Love scoring a good deal like our policy associate, Janiece Watts and her partner Alan? The Saint Paul duo are big fans of reducing, reusing, and recycling—they rarely buy new what can be had for cheap or free via online marketplaces. Looking for a more environmentally safe car than their much-loved Toyota Tacoma (“Taco” for short, after the “M” and “A” fell off the logo!), Janiece and Alan turned to Craig’s List to hunt for a used electric car. Read more...


User perspectives

Electric vehicles are great winter cars  

Jukka Kukkonen | February 11, 2019

Winter is not the easiest season for getting around. Electric cars, like cars with internal combustion engines, function less efficiently in the cold. But while we accept and ignore the limitations of traditional vehicles, reports from groups like AAA misrepresent cold weather concerns about electric vehicles, fueling anxiety about vehicle range. The reality is, electric vehicles are great winter cars. Read more...


Utilities and dealers shifting the market

How Xcel plans to ice coal, cut carbon and charge cars! 

Jeffrey Tomich, E&E News reporter Energywire: October 9, 2019

Xcel Energy Inc. CEO Ben Fowke thinks of the future this way: New investments in wind and solar power allow the utility to shut aging coal plants. And the resulting portfolio of carbon-free energy could save consumers money, benefit shareholders and underpin a transformative shift to electric cars.

"I can save you money and make the environment greener. It's pretty tough to say no to that," Fowke said.


Info for EV buyers in Minnesota.


Check out our Charging page for all you need to know about charging. 


Our Economics page lists various incentives that are available for EV buyers in Minnesota.


Find your utility company resources with the webportal. 


Check out our EV Info list for specs of all EVs available in Minnesota. 


Before you head to a dealer check out which dealers have EVs.


We asked Minnesota EV Owners to recommend their favorite EV sales people so you can work with the best.  


Connect with existing EV owners in Minnesota to learn from their experience, 


Find out about upcoming public events where you can see cars and talk with EV owners.

Good EV Info

Good-EV-Info-Logo-Black200.png dispels myths and cures fear, uncertainty and doubt.  
(Coming soon!)

Minnesota EV Events Calendar:

This calendar lists all public EV events in Minnesota. These events can include vehicle displays, Ride&Drives, presentations, workshops, and EV owners panel presentations. Usually these events involve EV owners so they are great opportunities for potential EV buyers to hear real-life experiences from local EV owners. Check your calendar, write down all your questions. and come to get them answered. 



This site is designed to help Minnesotans become educated EV buyers. We want to advance a future where Minnesotans are driving electric cars powered by clean, renewable electricity, not oil and gas. There is a clear need for practical information about EVs, market, and charging so we want to do our part to help with this. Get ready to change things and start driving better cars.
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